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Bring Your Hat to the Beach-A Better Way to Prevent Sunburns

Beside the sunscreen we put on our face, maybe we should re-adopt the hat fashion in the early days to make hats a part of our wardrobes.

Many customers got sensitive skin after long-time exposure to sunshine. Especially in sunny southern California, we have to take into account we are receiving UVA & UVB at the same time, no matter how much we love and enjoy the every day sunshine splashing on our face.

UVA & UVB are the worst things that can happen to our face without any doubt. We are all advised to put sunscreen on our skin before we soak in the sunshine. Besides all the creams, a hat is a good accessory, too.

Unlike sunscreen creams, which usually take at least 30 minutes to take effect to block the UVA&UVB, as long as we put on a broad brimmed hat (the one like we show in the picture), we are literally blocking significant amounts of  UVA& UVB in the sunshine immediately; thus, giving our skin a healthy dose of shade.

Next time, do pack a broad-brimmed hat in your beach vacation bag.

Picture curtesy to fashion blogger Artcle21. Instagram: @article21

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