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1. Pu-erh Tea Handmade Facial Cleansing Bar   $12

Cleansing as well as hydrating is essential to diminishing aging signs. This ultra gentle cleanser draws out impurities without striping away natural oil in your skin. It leaves your skin softer and refreshed. The cleanser is created with 11 botanical extracts including rare Pu-erh tea from the Himalayan region, Moroccan rose and shea butter. Infused with local raw honey from southern California, the cleanser has a silky and smoothy texture. 


 Pu-erh Tea Nourishing Cream   $49

Beloved by Hollywood elites, this ultimate nourishment combines the detoxing power of fermented Pu-erh tea, hydration from Moroccan rose and soothing power of orange peel. It will hydrate and brighten your complexion instantly. Pu-erh tea, naturally high in Polyphenols, a natural antioxidant, works as a powerful anti-aging agent by reducing free radicals damages.

3. Detox Mask   $69

The Detox Mask infused with rare fermented Pu-erh Tea from the Himalayan region and roasted Cocoa powder to increase skin circulations. It is enriched with Pu-erh Tea to detox, chamomile extract to unclog pores, roasted cocoa extract to cleanse and orange peel extract for a boost of immediate radiance.    




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