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1. Pu-erh Tea Handmade Facial Cleansing Bar   $12

Powered by detoxing power from Pu-erh tea , a rare fermented tea in the Himalayan region and local raw honey in southern California, it draws out impurities deep in your pores and nourishes your delicate skin at the same time.  This soap contains no harsh surfactants and is great for blemished skin. The "good oils" like grape seed oil and shea butter in the soap remove impurities but do not strip natural oils from your skin.No preservatives added, once open, use within 30 days.

2. Pu-erh Tea Nourishing Cream   $49

Pu-erh Tea Nourishing Cream will calm and soothe your skin instantly. Best Kept 2000 years beauty secret in the Himalayan region and the newest technology in one tin box. This fresh and healthy natural solution is created with 11 pure botanical ingredients-no fillers, no artificial chemicals added and free from fragrance. No preservatives added, once open, use within 30 days.







3. Blemish Serum (Pu-erh Tea+Chamomile) 

Excellent as spot treatment for blemished and oily skin. Replenish skin with "good oil" to reduce the production of excessive oil. Pu-erh Tea is a rare fermented tea from the Himalayan region noted for its detoxing power. Chamomile extract works to unclog pores and help balance, purify and clear the complexion. No preservatives, once open, use within 30 days.




Go to bed before 11pm

Drink alcohol 

Drink enough water

Over-expose to the sun


Over wash your face

Take showers frequently 

Use exfoliators

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