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1. Pu-erh Tea Handmade Cleansing Bar   $12

Dry skin has special cleansing needs. This cleansing bar draws out impurities deep in your pores, yet will not strip away your skin’s hydration. It is created with Pu-erh tea from the Himalayan region noted for its detoxing properties for centuries. Pu-erh tea handmade cleansing bar is scented with natural orange peel extract and has a silky texture. Packed with 12 botanical extracts and infused with seasonal local raw honey from Southern California, it leaves your skin softer and more hydrated. This soap is especially suited for facial cleansing due to its soft oils like grape seed oil.


2. Pu-erh Tea Nourishing Cream   $49

Pu-erh tea nourishing cream is easy to absorb and rehydrates your skin instantly. Hand harvested Pu-erh tea from the Himalayan region helps to rebalance dry skin, Moroccan rose extracts helps promote a radiant glow and the orange peel extract provides the much needed Vitamin C to deeply hydrate your skin.


   Night , Once A Week

3. Detox Mask   $69

One essential problem for dry skin is its difficulty to absorb hydration. Detox Mask is especially suited for dry skin to rebalance over-dried skin, increasing skin’s ability to absorb hydration and retain moisture. It is enriched with rare fermented Pu-erh tea to rebalance, Chamomile to unclog pores and roasted cocoa extract to increase skin’s circulation. Follow by Pu-erh tea nourishing cream for deep hydration.











Dos Don'ts
Drink enough water
Over expose to the sun
Over-wash your face
Sleep before 11pm

Use products contains alcohol 

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