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1. Pu-erh Tea Handmade Facial Cleansing Bar   $12

This ultra gentle but effective handmade cleansing bar is created with Pu-erh tea from the Himalayan region noted for its detoxing power for centuries. "Good oil" such as shea butter and grape seed oil remove impurities deep in your pores. Infused with local raw honey from southern California, this cleansing bar clean your skin without irritation. Naturally preserved, good for 90 days.


2. Pu-erh Tea Nourishing Cream    $49

The freshest and healthiest natural solution with 11 natural ingredients, no artificial chemicals added-no fillers. It will soothe and nourish your skin immediately. Our Pu-erh tea leaves are hand harvested in the Himalayan region & fermented for 5 years to capture their purifying properties. Pu-erh tea is noted for its detoxing power for centuries. To use as a night cream, allow the cream to soak into your skin overnight for full absorption. No preservatives, once open use within 30 days.

Dos  Don'ts
Read sun-screen labels carefully Apply too many make-ups
Test First, then apply Over expose to the Sun
Wear hat Use facial scrubs
Sleep before 11pm Use exfoliators




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