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How to Save Your Sensitive Skin In This Most Allergic Spring?

The sunshine, the blue sky, the chirping birds and blossoming flowers stand for hope.With scents of flowers in the wind, it brings us worries, too. It is the best time for our mood, but the worst time for sensitive skin.

The news about the most allergic season is all over the media. The 2015 spring is claimed by experts the worst possible allergic season in history. Somehow, either the climate change or the extreme cold winter, cooked up a perfect storm packed with things making us allergic. By now, you must be in serious panic. No worry, here are the steps you can take to save yourself in this spring.

1. Stay away from those beautiful flowers

No matter how we love these scented flowers, the pollen which makes them so darn scented is a source of allergy. If you really love flowers at home, choose those less scented and stay away from Lily.

2. Clean your home

Dust is one of the biggest source for our allergy. We spend most of our time at our beloved home. However, the dust and furs from four leg friends are not friend for our sensitive skin in this spring. Don’t forget to clean your air conditioner, too.


3. Apply minimalism in your skin care routine


Minimalism is not just for Apple. Minimalism is a philosophy which is extremely useful for sensitive skin care routines. Usually, sensitive skin is thinner than regular skin. When we apply too many skin care products on our face and wash our face too many times using harsh chemicals, it will irritate our skin. Forget about the so called 7 steps of skin care routine, 2-step is enough: cleansing twice a day and moisturizing. Do not scrub your face more than once a month. 

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