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3 Things You Might Not Know that Cause Sensitive Skin

How we get sensitive skin is quite a myth to everyone. Back in our mom or grandma's time, they didn't have as many skin concerns as we did today. What happened? What are the things we are doing in our daily life that cause our sensitive skin?

1. Over-applying cosmetic products


We are told by numerous commercials, we need to treat our skin well by applying multiple layers on our skin. The typical beauty routine should have at least a cleanser, a toner, a lotion, a cream, a serum and sometime a facial mask.

The downside of this routine is that most products we have used since we were 13 or 14 are loaded with harmful chemicals. By applying these harmful chemicals on our face for more than a decade, we end up with thin and sensitive skin. We need ultra gentle products and ingredients we can actually absorb.

2.  Sleep late

Sleep Late will cause sensitive skin

Our generation is sleeping much later than our mom or grandma's generation. Going to bed at 1 am or 2 am is the normal lifestyle. However, scientific studies have shown that it is from 8pm-8am that our skin starts its repair process. If we go to bed later than 11pm, our skin will end up thinner and thiner and that is the main cause of our sensitive skin.

3.  Washing your face too many times

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We are advised by commercials that the most important step in our beauty routine is washing our face many times. A Stanford scientific study has shown a different story: cleaning our face is not as important as we thought. Washing our face 3-5 times a day is just the same as washing our face once.

It's rather easy to understand, most of our face's structure is made with protein or oil. Washing too many times will wash away the oil we need to make our skin look radiant. Also, it will send a wrong signal to skin that our skin is "lacking oil." Then, our smart skin will compensate for this by producing more oils. Yeap, we end up with oily and sensitive skin.

Besides using all natural and ultra gentle products, as well as adopting a simplified beauty routine, making changes to these hidden causes is the best present we can give ourselves. And, it is free!!!

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