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Shopping Guide for Apple Watch if you Have Sensitive Skin Concerns

Apple Watch is here. If you have sensitive skin in general, the material of the band is more important than the color choice. Here are the shopping guides for you:

Say No to the Rubber Band (Apple Sport )

The rubble band is in general "an unbreathable material."Like another post we discussed, if you wear it in exercises or over 2 hours, your skin will be sweaty and suffocated. A rash is very possible, just like the Fitbit rash.

Say No to the Metallic Looking Band (Nickel)

If you have sensitive skin, the metallic band which contains nickel, a chemical frequently triggering allergic reactions like rash, is not a good choice. When you have sensitive skin in general, nickel is the chemical you want to skip.

Say Yes to the Leather Band

The leather band is so far the best choice if you do have sensitive skin concerns. However, because the big buckle of the watch can still irritate your skin, there is no guarantee that you won't get a rash when wearing the leather band. 

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