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Visit the Lizora Ingredient: Pu-erh Tea Garden

Photo By Paul Vincent

At Lizora, we are inspired by gardens around the world and we pick the best and most delicate one  to be ingredients for you.

The first unique plant we introduce today is Pu’ehr tea, not the regular tea artificially grown in regular tea gardens. The Pu’ehr tea we pick is from wild tea tree. Each is more than 500 years old. These are the trees that survived according to the natural law; that is, they are the strongest and healthiest in the species. Therefore, no pesticides, no chemicals, 100% organic.

The Pu’ehr tea is from Yunnan province, southwestern China. Pu’ehr tea is so popular and precious these days, wealthy people in China purchase Pu’ehr tea as a currency. Sometimes, it is more  valuable than gold.

The average price per ounce of Pu’ehr tea is about 200USD. The one we picked-"the 500 hundred years old Pu’ehr tea” is triple that price and those tea trees only produce a couple of kilograms each year.

Imagine how luxurious it would be to apply this precious leaf on your face.

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